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Year 8 was an Amazing Success!!!

Our Biggest and Best Years Ever!!

The night was buzzing with excitement as the crowds flowed into the 2016 Year 8 Finale at the Mod Club.

With our two Supergroups, Trace Nine and Little Sunday as back ups to our Guitar Contestants. Mike Carparelli rewarding each one of the contestants with their own Carparelli Guitar. For Co-founder Robert Tajti it was a special evening as he made his wedding proposal right on stage
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MUSIC! Not Mischief is a Toronto Police-lead Youth Outreach program, partnering Police Officers with high school students. Each year we grow our reach and with the help of caring communities, we give back and we grow community spirit!


How did all this Greatness come to be?

Officers mentor students as they learn to play the guitar in preparation for an end of season concert where students play on stage with a real rock band. Now in its 8th year, MUSIC! Not Mischief has expanded greatly from it's humble roots. By virtue of this youth program being delivered in a multi-police agency partnership, MUSIC! Not Mischief is being heralded as the first Police/Youth program initiative to become a Joint Forces project.
Historically, Police agencies come together in Joint Forces Operations (JFO) only during tragic events or crime series that extend beyond agency boundaries or resources. The MUSIC! Not Mischief JFO is being celebrated as a unilaterally positive undertaking by its partner agencies.

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This year's Winners, delivered a convincing performance that left No Doubt, THIS PROGRAM WORKS!!!

Congratulations to Cenk Sen, Aaron Gamez, Dixon Chan, Raumel Rodriguz, Sean Jansen, Nathaniel Brown, Abinav Chanda, Anthony Caetano, Joel Cornejo, Tony Newton,

musicnotmischief Sean Jansen musicnotmischief -Nathaniel Brown musicnotmischief-Anthony Caetano musicnotmischief-Dixon Chan musicnotmischief-Joel Cornejo
musicnotmischief-Tony Newton Rmusicnotmischief-Raumel Rodriguz Rmusicnotmischief-Abinav Chanda musicnotmischief-Aaron Gamez musicnotmischief-Cenk Sen    

Here's what happens to make this possible

Toronto and GTA Police Officers volunteer their time and musical talents to meet with students at their schools to teach them how to play guitar. Carparelli Guitars provide instruments for the students to learn with. The students will be using a Carparelli Arco F1 guitar. An extremely versatile instrument for players of all ages and skill levels. We're sure they will be impressed by the comfort, feel, sound and overall great looks of these guitars.
The kids and cops have a great time through the shared musical experience. A Live Finale Concert happens at The Mod Club where the students play with Rock Bands Trace Nine and Little Sunday. They are judged by a panel of music industry experts. One finalist will be selected as the Year's winner and will receive a Carparelli guitar. Everyone has a great time!


We Need Your Help!

Please contact us if you would like to help support this program in any way.

Past funding provided by ProAction Cops & Kids served as a foundation for what MUSIC! Not Mischief is today. Your generous donation to ProAction Cops & Kids serves to fund other police-led youth outreach initiatives


Get Involved!!


Police Officers interested in starting a Music! Not Mischief chapter,

Please contact:

Robert Tajti 1445
Constable / Crime Analyst
Toronto Police 11 Division
2054 Davenport Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
M6N 1C8

Email: Kids Rock at Music! Not Mischief
Support Music! Not Mischief by following @TPSCopsRock on Twitter