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Meet Our Friends!

Carparelli Guitars – Co-founder of Music! Not Mischief.

Proud to be a part of something great, Carparelli Guitars comes back
year after year, building on the solid foundation they helped create.
With a Friend like Mike Carparelli, our kids have been given not only
this great opportunity to learn and play
they have been able to see first hand the great sense of satisfaction
that volunteering can bring.
Mike and the people at Carparelli set an example of giving that is
second to none!

Thank you, Mike!


Hamilton Police Service – Active Teamwork by Dedicated MembersEnhancing Education through Innovation

Music! Not MIschief is grateful to the Hamilton Police Service for
recognizing the innovative process our program uses to help kids
achieve and excel in school. Their continued commitment to the
Teamwork approach makes it possible for the kids of Hamilton High
Schools to be a part of our program.

Thank you Hamilton Police Service!


  Niagara Regional Police

In partnership with the community, Niagara Regional Police Service
strives to be active participants and leaders in the community!
Your participation in our creative solution to deliver better
alternatives to our youth is appreciated.

Thank you, for the Quality and Integrity you bring to our program!



Passion for Life, Music and Justice! TraceNine Rocks!

TraceNine – Talented Musicians with an attitude and approach that
epitomize what Music! Not Mischief is!

Your contributions, influence and commitment to our program have
helped us succeed from day one!

Thank you TraceNine! You Rock!


Lisa Macintosh Photography

Every Great Concert needs a Great Photographer!
Lisa is the Official Music! Not Mischief Photographer and She Rocks!

Your enthusiasm and devotion are second to none and we are so happy to have you with us Lisa!

Thank you, for helping complete the show!


Little Sunday

Indie Rockers with heart! Your dedication to art, family, friends and
community are the ingredients that have made you a significant contributor to the Music! Not Mischief initiative.

We really do appreciate your commitment to making our program a huge

Thank you, Little Sunday! Rock ‘n’ Roll Never Forgets!


The World Famous Virgin Mobile Mod Club

Every Great Concert needs a Great Venue!
The Mod Club Delivers again!

Your world class club and expert staff make this Rockstar experience
REAL for our finalists!

Words can’t express how important you are to us!

Thank you, for helping deliver the Complete Rock and Roll


Durham regional Police Service

Leaders in Community Safety!

Welcome to the Music! Not Mischief family. It’s great to have Durham
Region become a part of our program
With all the diverse communities in Durham Region, we’re expecting
good things as we grow together!

Thank you for recognizing the value of our Youth in the Community!


Pay It Forward Recruitment

Pay It Forward Recruitment is a terrific example of our new corporate
partnerships. There when we needed support the most, Peggy Conderan, Executive Director, came to our assistance with a donation as a true believer in our value to community youth and
in the spirit of,

“The show must go on”.

Thank you, Peggy. We are in your gratitude.


Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc.

MUSIC! Not Mischief is proud to be supported by Terradyne Armour

Terradyne produces awesome transportation for law enforcement.
What we share with Terradyne Armour is a passion for building and
developing safer communities.
For Terradyne Armour, it is through their innovative products.
For us, it is through our innovative approach to youth out-reach.

Thank you Terradyne for helping keep Music Not Mischief in the


To Serve and Protect

Dedication and Commitment to Making a Better Life!

That’s what we see in the members of the Toronto Police Service who
continue to keep Music! Not Mischief growing in Toronto.

Thank you once again for all the time and effort you give to make
this work!


IB-Learning – Flexible IT Learning Solutions

The Music! Not Mischief website, our window to the world is
graciously hosted by IB-Learning.

Committed to providing technical and soft skills training,
IB-Learning knows the value of creative free thinking and has been a
proud supporter of Music! Not Mischief for our contribution to the
enhancement of youth opportunities.

Thank you IB-Learning for helping us let everyone share in our